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Daria Dziamska, ACCA

tel. +48 510 930 693


Accountant providing outsourcing services

ul. Wteleńska 5, 86-011 Tryszczyn, Poland

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The data controller of any personal data is Daria Dziamska. My address is: ul. Wtelenska 5, 86-011 Tryszczyn, Poland, phone: +48 510 930 693.
Providing me with personal data is voluntary but necessary to obtain reply to your query. The data is transferred to my hosting provider, which is subject to my commands as to purpose and method of processing. The service providers are registered in Poland or other countries in European Economic Area.
You are entitled to access personal data I hold about you; require me to correct, delete or restrict it, as well as object processing of your personal data; or otherwise restrict or temporarily stop my processing of your personal data in certain circumstances.